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Greetings from the Mayor

Hello. I am Saburo Matsui, the Mayor of Kakegawa City.

Kakegawa, a city of 120,000, was formed with the amalgamation of the old Kakegawa City, Daito Town and Osuka Town on April 1st, 2005.

Four years on, we are at last starting to feel Kakegawa's sense of unity as a city.

I took office as the Mayor of Kakegawa on April 24th, 2009, and in my election manifesto I promised the citizens a form of community development that was citizen-orientated, as expressed in my slogan "Kakegawa Change Together. Let's build Kakegawa together - A city of hope and a city where everyone wants to live!!"

I believe that now is the time for regional management to be in the hands of the citizens.

People desire a reform of old political styles and government and administrative management, in the form of citizen participation that changes the emphasis from the tangible to the intangible, and really stands on the side of the ordinary people.

I will return the municipal administration to the hands of the people by changing it to one of citizen participation, downsize the adminstration to make a city centered on its people, and support the independence of the citizens. Also, I believe it is important to draw up a future plan for Kakegawa City through the collaboration between the citizens and the administration.

There are a host of issues to deal with such as pushing ahead with the construction of new hospitals, reviewing the financial plans, promoting administrative and fiscal reform, changing staff mentality and reviewing city planning tax etc., and I plan to address these in earnest. I sincerely hope to have your understanding and support in these matters.

Finally, in closing my inaugural greeting as mayor, I vow to make a total commitment to this new style of community development, working hand-in-hand with the citizens of Kakegawa.

Saburo Matsui, Mayor of Kakegawa City